How to treat the OCD

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In case you dream about how to overcome the OCD, you have to remember that the right system to do it, consists on the objective of erase its deep cause. This disorder is something that is expressed through intrusive ideas at the level of the brain of the patient and in some cases, there are furthermore, compulsive acts. The deep cause of the disease is not discovered yet. But several professionals say that it consist in a certain combination of mental traits and strong traumatic events. That is a key factor due to to erase its deepest cause must be the best way to know how to cure the OCD.

The elements that are responsible of the cause of the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are the education, the over-protection in the education received by the patient's fellows, and the influence of teenage age problems, and things like that. One of the elements that can produce the problem is the pressure of the work. Let's talk about some examples of compulsive acts. Some of the acts are:

Washing their body several times.

The verification that the doors are correctly closed and other cases of acts of verifying.

To display the things in a particular way.

To do some mental repetitions about to think about numbers or words and letters.

Most of the psychological treatments are not as helpful as the patient might think. That is a consequence of the circumstance that a lot of therapies, as well as conductive treatments, frequently are not really able to cure the disorder. That can be a consequence of the situation that most treatments can't to delete the cause of the problem. If we want to heal we have to know that you have to overcome its cause. The only procedures that are highly powerful in the success of the objective o being free from the disease are the psychoanalysis and the energetical psychology. They are something that affect the subconscious mind, and once this is completely fixed, the OCD cures.

 Let's talk now about the power of psychoanalysis. It is created by Sigmund Freud, and heavily modified by Carl Jung. It`s good to understand the problem because the psychoanalytical doctor allows subconscious feelings to be integrated, and through this process they no more are reinforcing the the anxiety, and that allows the cure to become real. Despite that it's a slow process, due to the fact that  it is needed a high number of days of therapy to be posible to feel the obsessive thoughts to improve. It might imply it's very expensive to cure the OCD with psychoanalysis.

For healing is quite effective the BioNeuroEmotion. This is a discipline created by the psychologist Enric Corbera. It's a system that studies the influence of our ancestors in our life, and one of the resources is the observation of the genealogical members in the clan.

 Some of the most typical cases of obsessive behaviours are acts like the act of washing one's body repeatedly, to verify than the windows are closed properly, and to move the objects in a certain order. It's sometimes typical to wash the house several times. It's done to maintain the home absolutely disinfected and free of bacterias. The people who suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder know than all these rituals are not a healthy thing but they are not able to no not to repeat that kind of compulsive acts. If they don't do them they begin to experience more and more stress. In those cases, the only way of decreasing it consist on repeating the rituals. The habitual treatments help to dicrease those levels of distress but most times it will not cure the compulsive acts.

Some persons who have this disorder have not been knowing they have this disorder, therefore they don't dare to search the solution. They are conscious that they have been doing things that are not psychologically healthy. But they don't fully understand the reason why, and how is the way to leave the repetitive actions. As you may know this is very hard from the psychological perspective due to the intrusive thoughts. Those people are striving in suffering and they don't say it to other persons and the reason is that deep down they are in the doubt of being crazy. If you are a friend of someone who you believe that maybe have this disease, the best action you may make consists of speaking with him and to inform him everything about this disorder and talk about the importance of search for someone to help you. It's also very important to show him your help and faith. It's necessary to say to the OCD sufferer that he will not be abandoned, it might help a lot.